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Gold Mining Excursions Southern California
Gold Mining Claim
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* Mining minerals and gem stones, Contra Costa County
* Mining gem stones, Fresno County, CA
* Mining and prospecting gem  stones, Montana
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Drywashing gold - gold mining trips
Please indicate which date(s)
you plan to attend in the
comments section below.
RSVP Date(s)
Upcoming Randsburg Outings

Join American Prospector Treasure Seeker on one or all of the below dates drywashing,
metal detecting & gold panning in Randsburg, CA.

May Dates
Wednesday, May 11th
Wednesday, May 25th

Who:  These outings are open for anyone to join, you DO NOT have to be a member of any club or organization
to join.  All ages and experience levels are welcome to join.

Meeting Location
General Store in the city of Randsburg     35 Butte Ave, Randsburg, CA 93554

Time:  We will be LEAVING the general store at 8am to head to the claim.

Where:  Randsburg, CA
This location is a PRIVATE claim, you do not have permission to access the claim at any time, other than by

Sign Up:  If you're planning to attend, please submit the form below titled "Outing Signup Form" just to give us
an idea of how many we're expecting to attend.

Fee: $20 per adult, 18 and over.  Participants 17 & younger are free to join.  We encourage you to bring the
youngsters out to enjoy the great outdoors!

* Temperatures of 90 degrees or above, high winds or rainy conditions may cause on or more of
these outings to be cancelled.  If any changes or cancellations will take place, updates will be posted
here, please be sure to check the website for updates.
* Rest rooms are NOT available at this location
* Our outings are "at your own risk", participants must be physically able to participate.  We are not responsible
for injury, damage to equipment or vehicle or any other unforeseen occurrence.
* A signed waiver is required for this event.
* All participants bring their own equipment & supplies and food & drinks for these outings.
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