"It's Your Right To Prospect and Mine on Public Lands"
Nature ~ Our Great Outdoors
It's Intended to be Enjoyed & Explored by All
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PLP as They Support Our Way of Life
"Public Lands for the People" ~ PLP
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This Generation and Tomorrow's
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American Prospector Treasure Seeker
28900 Old Town Front Street #101, Temecula, CA 92590
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PLP - Public Lands for the People
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minelab metal detector Inland Empire
fisher metal detector Inland Empire
garrett metal detector Inland Empire
whites metal detector Inland Empire
Apex picks metal detecting
Falcon gold probe md20 Temecula
Gold Cube Concentrator Temecula
Gold N Sand Hand Dredge Temecula
JOBE Tools Gold Mining Equipment
Gold Buddy Gold Mining Equipment
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* HBCK2 combination power sluice and dredge kit, Taylor
* Jobe folding sluice, Michigan
* Folding sluice box, Westland
* HBCK25 combination power sluice and dredge kit, Warren
* Jobe folding sluice for sale, St. Clair Shores
* Keene power sluice, Pontiac
* Gold panning store
* Gold cube for sale
* Keene HBCK2 for sale, Detroit
* Jobe folding sluice box, Dearborn Heights
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* Jobe folding sluice box for sale, Grand Rapids
* Gold power dredges for sale, Sterling Heights
* Folding sluice boxes, Michigan
* Gold cube
* Keene power dredges for sale, Lansing
* Keene folding sluice, Ann Arbor
* Jobe universal sluice stand for sale, Michigan
* Keene A52F folding sluice, Grand Rapids
* Keene 2004PJF for sale, Warren
* Keene A52F folding sluice for sale, Sterling Heights
* Keene 2004SNF, Lansing
* Keene folding sluice boxes for sale, Ann Arbor
* Keene 2004 SNF Gold dredge, Flint
* Keene folding sluice for sale, Dearborn
* Keene 2004 PJF gold dredge for sale, Livonia
* Gold panning stores
* Keene HBCK25 gold dredge for sale, Troy
* Folding sluice box for sale, Farmington Hills
* Keene HBCK2 dredge kit for sale, Kalamazoo
* Folding sluices, Wyoming, Michigan
* Keene HBCK25 dredge kit, Southfield
* Folding sluices for sale, Rochester Hills
Thank you for your RSVP to our February 26th Randsburg outing/fundraiser for the PLP,
your RSVP has been received.  Please check back on our outings page for any updates to
the outing.  If for any reason (weather and/or dirt conditions) the outing has to be canceled
updates will be posted on the website.  Please feel free to spread the news about this event,
the more the merrier!

Thank You,
Sue & Jim
Your American Prospector Treasure Seeker Family