Spiral gold wheels (AKA: automatic gold panning machine, gold panning wheels, concentrator,
black sand concentrator, etc) are a great way to reduce and for some even eliminate the
whole gold panning process.  

For the best results, it's recommended to classify your material down and the largest
classification to run is recommended at 1/8.  Additionally, most will recommend to run each
classification by itself, this way the gold should always out weigh the material that it's being
run with.  You'll find several options available in gold wheels and black sand concentrators.  
We have several of these products on sale, take a look at the links below.
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gold miner spiral gold wheel
keene gw25 spiral gold wheel - automatic panning machine
keene super concentrator - black sand concentrator
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Gold Prospecting Spiral Gold Wheel Concentrators

Item #
3 Amp
7 Amp
10 Amp
Power Converter
These power supply converters will eliminate the need for batteries to
power equipment (blue howl, gold wheels, Gold Cube, super
concentrator, etc) when working at home. Simply plug the unit into a
120 volt household outlet, connect the power clips from your
pump/equipment to the connectors and you’re ready to go.
28900 Old Town Front St #101
Temecula, CA 92590
To Order, Please Call: 951-676-2555
Metal Detecting Store Temecula
gold panning supplies temecula
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