The Keene 151 Drywasher is a beast!  High velocity
air passes through the concentrator creating an
electrostatic charge to attract gold and other
metalliferous values. The hot air from the engine is
ducted into the radial blower, preheating the air and
concentrator to 50 degrees above ambient making it
possible to process a higher capacity of material
and increases the electrostatic charge. The Keene
151 dry washer has an adjustable oscillation system
that creates increased vibration and air flow at lower
engine speeds which increases fine gold production,
especially in damp ground conditions. Equipped with
an extra large hopper for greater capacity while
steeper sides prevent material build up.

Engine: Approx 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine
which has 2 part air cleaner, oil filter, cast iron
sleeve with full ball bearings.

The Keene 151 drywasher exceeds 2 tons per
hour!  The fuel consumption is approximately 3
hours per gallon.
Keene 151 Vibrostatic Drywasher Concentrator with Hot Air induction Model
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Keene Engineering
151 Dry Washer

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Keene 151 Drywasher Only
Item #: K-151-ONLY $914.00  
(Includes drywasher, hose & clamps)

Keene 151 Motor Only
Item #: K-151EBA SALE PRICE:  $685.00
Regular Price: $720.00
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Keene 151 Drywasher - dry dirt gold mining
Why use a drywasher?  The name of the game with gold prospecting is moving material.  The
more you move, the more opportunity to find gold and more of it.  Using a drywasher (AKA dry
sluice) allows gold prospecting to take place in high volumes in dry areas without the need for
water.  Keene drywashers are reliable and built to last.  The Keene 151 drywasher specifically is
one of the largest on the market.
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**NEW**  Keene Model 151S Drwyasher
The Keene Model 151S has many patented features to include “Hot Air
Induction Manifold”, that transfers heat into the drywasher from the engine
air Induction manifold into the blower.  This feature can increase the ambient
temperature of the air up to 50 degrees. The hot air induction system allows
the unit to operate efficiently in damp areas where other machines could not
function .

The Vibrostatic Concentrator on the Keene 151S drywasher has been
designed with many more advanced principals than regular drywashers.  
The concentrator is driven by a high speed blower that forces air through a
special plastic tray and cloth where it obtains a constant electrostatic charge.
Some other new patented features of the Keene 151s dry washer also include:
“Soft Bed Technology”: creates greater electrostatic charged recovery bed.
“Scrubbing Pins”:  for early separation of material and even flow before entry into the recovery tray.
“New Improved Vibrator System”: creating greater vibration at lower engine speeds for increased
gold production.
“Blast Gate Technology”:  enables the user to make fine adjustments to vibration and air pressure
in the recovery container. As the Material is shoveled into the concentrator into a large classifying
hopper it automatically classifies the material, allowing only small gravel (approximately 3/8ths. of an
inch) to enter the concentrator.
“Vibration Transfer Bumpers”:  The folding support legs are now equipped with these transfer
bumpers that will transfer energy to the hopper. This vibration assists in moving larger material off
the screen faster and eliminating the need to physically drag away excess material from the hopper.  
The material is then processed evenly through the recovery tray. The nonmagnetic gold and values
are attracted magnetically to electrostatic charged special cloth that lines the recovery tray.
Item #: K-151S  SALE $1,574.95    Regular price: $1,749.00
(Includes drywasher, new & improved Briggs & Stratton engine, hose, clamps
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