Bottle Printing

Bottles that have no product labels often look sleek and professional. This might lead you to wonder if you should be doing this for bottled products that you have. While the outcome is very appealing, you need to know what the pros and cons of bottle printing are before you make any decisions.

The Pros Of Printing On Bottles

The primary benefit of bottle printing and marking is the clean look that it provides. These bottles will generally have one or two colours on them. This is what actually makes them look cleaner as they have a simple message and design.

Printing on bottles will also be more durable than having a label. They will not become scuffed, peel off or damaged by water. There are also many inks that have chemical resistant properties which ensure that the lettering remains.

This technology allows you to add special textures. This will include raised lettering that can make your design stand out more. Of course, you will need to use a specific technique in order to achieve this benefit.

You will also be able to use opaque colours when you print on the bottle. There are a lot of brands that use these colours to make certain aspects of the printing stand out. These colours will often stand out more than standard white inks and other solid colours.

The last benefit is that printing on the bottle can actually be cheaper when you are doing this en-mass. There are no secondary steps that have to be included in the process such as getting the labels onto the bottle. The single step printing process reduced the overall costs of printing.

The Cons Of Printing On Bottles

While one of the benefits of this printing is that it can be cheaper, if you are doing a short run, it can actually be more expensive. The price can also go up when you are going to be using three or more colours on the bottle.

Another disadvantage of this printing method is the fact that you need a lot more inventory space. If you want to be cost-effective with this printing, you need to have a minimum order quantity of 2500 to 5000 bottles. This means that you need to have inventory space for all of these bottles and this can increase your overall costs.

The tools for this printing can also be expensive if you want to get quality equipment. Most of this printing is done using silkscreen tooling and this will be more expensive than label tooling. Label tooling could cost a few hundred to purchase while silkscreen tooling can cost thousands.

The last disadvantage that you need to be aware of is the fact that waste will be more expensive. When something goes wrong with the printing, you will have to throw the whole bottle away. When something goes wrong with labels, you only have to throw a few labels away. This is a large cost difference and you need to take this into account.