JOBE Dig-It   Item #: J-5509  $32.95
Features a 3-in-1 design with a high quality steel blade.
The handle is comfortable & durable. The digging tool
is eleven inches long from tip to tip and comes
complete with a thick cowhide sheath that is both sewn
and riveted so it will last. The sheath has belt slots as
well as a spring steel belt clip. The blade is concave for
scooping and there's a saw-tooth section to cut roots.
Lesche Digging Tool
Lesche Digging Tool   Item #: J-5013  $49.95
Razor-sharp serrated teeth along edge of blade quickly cuts
through roots, weeds, vines and sod. Use knife blade on the
other side for cutting burlap, weed mat or twine. Blade is welded
to the handle at a right angle to give you better leverage when
prying and digging up hard packed soil. Alloy steel blade is
heat treated and tempered for long edge life and resists rust.
Includes Cordura nylon belt holster to safely carry the tool at
your side. Comfortable vinyl handle for a sure grip.
Economy Rock Pick
K-A36: $14.95
This 22 ounce pick features a
drop forged head, tubular
handle and rubber grip.
Economy Rock Pick

Metal Detecting Digging Tools

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For ordering, please call 951-676-2555 - Major credit cards & PayPal accepted
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