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Garrett Pro-Pointer
Garrett Pro-Pointer
Item #: G-1166000
ON SALE  $110.46
Regular Price: 129.95
Minelab Pro-Find 25 PinPointer
Minelab Pro-Find 25 PinPointer
Item #: ML-M200
SALE PRICE: $169.00
Regular Price: $195.00
Jim Dandy Dual Handle Beach Scoop
Jim Dandy Beach Scoop
Jim Dandy Beach Scoop
A popular beach metal detecting tool. This comes in both a 10
inch and 28 inch handle.  Features a sifting basket perfect for
finding coins, rings & other treasures in both wet and dry sand.
Item #: 5576  28" handle $49.95
Item #: 5575  10" handle $44.95
**5575 is a special order item
Jim Dandy Dual Handle Beach Scoop
This is the best of both worlds with a two piece handle that
can be used as either a 10 inch or 28 inch length. In the 10
inch mode it weighs only 20 ounces. In the 28 inch mode it
weighs 2 pounds.
Item #: J-5577 $69.95
CD Coin Digger
CD Coin Digger
Used for digging out coins
and rings, the coin digger is
a zinc plated steel tool used
to remove a clean plug from
the ground.  
Item #: CD: $17.95
JOBE Dig-It   Item #: J-5509  $32.95
Features a 3-in-1 design with a high quality steel blade.
The handle is comfortable & durable. The digging tool
is eleven inches long from tip to tip and comes
complete with a thick cowhide sheath that is both sewn
and riveted so it will last. The sheath has belt slots as
well as a spring steel belt clip. The blade is concave for
scooping and there's a saw-tooth section to cut roots.
Lesche Digging Tool
Lesche Digging Tool   Item #: J-5013  $49.95
Razor-sharp serrated teeth along edge of blade quickly cuts through
roots, weeds, vines and sod. Use knife blade on the other side for cutting
burlap, weed mat or twine. Blade is welded to the handle at a right angle
to give you better leverage when prying and digging up hard packed soil.
Alloy steel blade is heat treated and tempered for long edge life and
resists rust. Includes Cordura nylon belt holster to safely carry the tool at
your side. Comfortable vinyl handle for a sure grip.
Economy Rock Pick   K-A36:
This 22 ounce pick features a
drop forged head, tubular
handle and rubber grip.
Estwing Geo Pick
Forged steel head and 26 inch
long nylon grip enables a nice
easy long swing. This is the best
pick that you will ever own. Ideal
for dry washing, dredging and
K-EHP $65.95
Economy Rock Pick
Estwing Geo Pick
Detector Pick - Gold Prospecting Pick
Detector Picks
Lightweight compact pick that works great for metal detecting,
drywashing, prospecting and much more!  Built with a spring steel head,
a heavy duty fiberglass handle with a foam rubber grip.  Equipped with
a super strong rare earth magnet mounted on the had that quickly
removes metallic items from the working area.
Item #: DP24 - 24" handle $49.95
Item #: DP16 - 16" handle $44.95
falcon md20 gold pinpointer
Falcon Metal Detector
Item #: F-MD20
SALE PRICE: $224.96
Regular Price $249.95

MD20 Accessories
* Headphones: $6.95
* Holster: $10.95
* Handle: $12.95

Metal Detecting Supplies - Pinpointer

Beach Scoop Metal Detecting Tools

Metal Detecting Digging Tools

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Aluminum Beach Scoop
Reilly Aluminum Scoop  J-5504     $119.95
Made in the U.S.A., this aluminum scoop has 5/8" diameter holes
punched into the sides and the back of the scoop. The bucket of
the sand scoop is 5 inches in diameter by 9 inches long. The
aluminum 1-1/4 inch diameter handle is welded at a 20 degree
angle so you can use your foot on the back of this scoop to push
it into the sand. The scoop handle comes apart at the middle for
traveling purposes. The assembled handle is 40 inches long with
a rubber grip, making the over length of this scoop approximately
47 inches. Total weight is only 3-1/2.
Aluminum Metal Detecting Beach Scoop
White's Bullseye TRX
Item #: W-8000343
Sale Price: $149.95
Regular Price: $159.95
Whites TRX Pin Pointer Metal Detector
snake guards - snake protection gold mining
snake guardz
Medium: 9"-14" Circumference of calf
Large: 14"-18" Circumference of calf
X-Large 18"-23": Circumference of calf
Item #: J-6340  $79.95
Apex Picks
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Garrett Pro Pointer AT
Garrett Pro-Pointer
Item #: G-1140900
ON SALE  $127.45
Regular Price: $149.97
**  Waterproof up to 10 feet!!