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The Falcon MD20 metal detector's superior ability to detect gold and other valuable
metals in rock formations is a prospectors dream! Historically, tailing piles were
created by miners selecting good ore from "worthless rocks" by sight alone.  Millions
of dollars of valuable ore were discarded because the miner couldn't see the metal!!  
Those metals are still lying in those tailings piles waiting for someone with the. The
Falcon Metal Detector works as a gold pinpointer once you detect a target, or use as
a detector alone in tight areas. Just cary the Falcon along while you are detecting
with your swinger and when things get too tight between the rocks or crevices or you
are on a target in a deep hole the Falcon will find GOLD others will miss!
Falcon Metal Detector
F-MD20: Regular Price $249.95
SALE PRICE: $224.96


Item #: F-Headphone: $6.95
Item #: F-Holster: $10.95
Item #: F-Handle: $12.95

Download Falcon MD20 Manual
Falcon MD20 Metal Detector

Falcon Metal Detector MD20 Gold Tracker

The Falcon Gold Probe is a very lightweight
and inexpensive gold detector. It is extremely
sensitive to very small gold, much smaller than
can be detected with normal nugget detectors.
With sensitivity as small as 2/100 of a grain, it
can basically detect any gold visible to the
human eye. Larger gold may be detected a bit
deeper, but very small gold is really what this
unit is made for. You would therefore not use
the Falcon like a regular nugget detector. It
excels at specific uses. Two of it's best
applications are scanning quartz samples for
enclosed gold, and tracing crevices in bedrock
for sniping. The unit could pay for itself quickly
in a crevicing operation.  The Falcon MD20
only has two controls, and so is very easy to

The Falcon MD20 comes complete with control
box and waterproof handheld probe. The unit
has a built-in speaker, but may also be used
with 1/8" jack headphones (not included).
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