Gold Cube - 3 OR 4 Stack
"Gold Banker"

Item #: GC-Banker-A   $275.00
Item #: GC-Banker-SS   $320.00 (stainless steel - best if using in
salt water)

Add the topper classifier to your Gold Cube and increase your
production tremendously. With the topper classifier, your gold
cube will be shovel ready.  The punch plate is anodized, or it's
available in stainless steel.
*** Limited Time Only ***

Gold Cube Concentrator

Gold Cube Topper Classifier

Gold Cube 3-Stack Deluxe
Item #: GC-3  $389.95
• One Slick Plate
• Two Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters
**12V Battery Not Included**
$25.00 in store credit OR
FREE ground shipping
Gold Cube 4-Stack Deluxe
Item #: GC-4  $479.95
• One Slick Plate
• Three Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters
**12V Battery Not Included**
$30.00 in store credit OR
FREE ground shipping
Gold Cube - Select Option
The Gold Cube will retrieve your gold from the material you've
gathered from rivers, beaches, black sand, etc. With a 12-volt
battery (not included) and a small 12 volt pump you're ready to
clean up your concentrates QUICKLY!

The Gold Cube is a small enough to fit into the trunk of your car
and consists of stacking trays made of indestructible plastic
LDPE (low density polyethylene) that's as thick as a cutting
board. A basic Gold Cube consists of 1 slick plate and two
concentrator trays on the 3-stack and three concentrator trays
on the 4-stack, but add as many trays as you like, depending
on your specific needs and location, it's totally up to you!
Item #
3 Amp
7 Amp
10 Amp
Power Converter
These power supply converters will
eliminate the need for batteries to
power equipment (Gold Cube, blue
howl, gold wheels, super concentrator,
etc) when working at home. Simply plug
the unit into a 120 volt household
outlet, connect the power clips from
your pump/equipment to the connectors
and you’re ready to go.
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Gold Prospecting Equipment for sale
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Gold Cube Trommel
Gold Cube Trommel
The Gold Cube Trommel is very well built and designed to fit right on top of the Gold
It runs on 12 volts and needs a minimal amount of power while retro fitting to your
existing pump. The Gold Cube Trommel has a pitch adjuster to provide slow to fast
material movement so you can use it on the beach as well as the creek.  The hopper
has a sprayer as well as the barrel so cleaning your material is automatic as well as,
providing the proper amount of water to the Gold Cube.  

It comes with all the necessary in just a few minutes with a drill.
The Trommel can also be taken off when you need to use the cube as is or with a
Gold Banker.  
Gold Cube Trommel
• Low energy 12v gear motor  
• 3/16th Punch Plate
• Adjustable pitch  
• Extremely well built
• Mounting template included
Gold Cube Trommel washing rocks
Gold Cube trommel tailings
Click on photo for larger view
Click on photo for larger view
** NEW **
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