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gold magic 10m spiral gold panning machine
Gold Magic 12E: Electric Only
Item #: GM-5744
ON SALE: $374.95
Regular Price: $425.00
Keene 2 inch Backpack Dredge - power jet
2" Backpack Dredge - Power Jet
Item #: K-2004PJF
ON SALE: $1,495.00
Regular Price: $1,695.00
Keene Sluice Stand - A52 sluice stand
Keene Frame Sluice Stand
Item #: K-HBCKF
ON SALE: $49.95
Regular Price:  $59.95
Universal Sluice Stand
Universal Sluice Stand
Item #: J-6501
SALE PRICE: $54.95
Regular Price: $69.95
Item #
3.33 Amp
7 Amp
Power Converter
Triton T2 Scale
Item #: J-6982
US Balance
Item #: K-ESV1
We are located in Temecula, CA
To Order, Please Call: 951-676-2555
Metal Detecting Store Temecula
gold panning supplies temecula
Gold Prospecting Equipment for sale
To place your order, please call 951-676-2555.
Click JOBE Logo to
download catalog
Miners Moss for sluice box
3M Miners Moss, for ordering please call 951-676-2555.
Item #
10" wide X 36" long
12" wide X 36" long
Keene Engineering Miracle Mat
Keene Miracle Mat - Sluice Mat
Keene Miracle Mat
Keene Engineering Inc. has developed the perfect concentrator riffle. The first Hungarian riffle
molded into a soft rubber mat. See the amazing recovery of micro fine gold that this mat produces.
Spot ultra fine gold easily and quickly by checking the Miracle Matting.
Item #
4 1/2 X 35 &  5 X 35
Sluice Box Pump 2200 GPH
Keene sluice dredge riffle
Keene Dredge Riffle for the A51 Sluice Box

Dredge Riffle:  For use in a dredge, power sluice, hibanker systems or for traditional sluice
setup in faster water conditions.
Keene A51 Dredge Riffle: Item # K-A51DR ON SALE: $35.99 Reg Price: $39.99

If you're building your own sluice box or need a replacement standard riffle for your Keene
A51 sluice box.
A51 Standard Riffle: Item # K-A51R ON SALE:  $35.99  Reg Price: $39.99
Johnson 12 Volt Pumps
For ordering, please call 951-676-2555 - Major credit cards & PayPal accepted
-       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -
Item #
1000 GPH
2200 GPH
These power supply converters will eliminate the need for batteries to power equipment
(blue howl, gold wheels, Gold Cube, super concentrator, etc) when working at home. Simply
plug the unit into a 120 volt household outlet, connect the power clips from your
pump/equipment to the connectors and you’re ready to go.
Gold Buddy drywasher replacement fan.

Gold Buddy Colt & Pony Drywashers
Item # J-6080   ON SALE: $49.46
Regular Price:  $54.95

Gold Buddy Maverick Drywasher
Item #: J-6081 ON SALE:  $53.96
Regular Price: $59.95
drywasher hose - gold mining
Item #
Reg. Price
Jobe 3" drywasher hose
Jobe 4" drywasher hose
Keene 3" drywasher hose
Drywasher Hose Options
JOBE Hurricane drywasher blower
JOBE Hurricane Blower ONLY
* Honda GCV 160 cc
* Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, OHC Engine
* 2 year Honda Warranty on the Engine
* 5 year Warranty on Housing & Impeller
* 4 inch Discharge
* All Aluminum Body and Impeller
* Weighs 45 lbs

Ideal for the Keene 151S drywasher, the Gold Buddy Super
Stallion Drywasher or any drywasher taking a 4" hose.
Item #: J-5720    ON SALE: $609.95
Regular Price: $749.95