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Download Gold Bug Manual
Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector
* Threshold and Gain Adjustments
* 1/4 and 1/8 Inch Headphone Jacks
* 1 - 9V Power Supply
* Light Weight
* 2 Search Modes: All-Metal and Discriminate
* Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric
Target Identification Display
* Large Target Alert
* Depth Readout and Running Signal
Strength Indicator
* No-Motion Pinpoint
* Computer Assisted Ground Grab
* Continuous Ground Phase and Ground
Mineralization Readout
* 2 Tone
* Super Sensitive
Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector
Fisher Gold Bug
fisher metal detector Inland Empire
Fisher Gold Bug Nugget Shooting Metal Detector
Fisher Gold Bug
Nugget Shooting Metal Detector.
Falcon MD20 gold pinpointer
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Fisher gold metal detectors, Minelab Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

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