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Gold Bug DP Manual
Fisher Gold Bug DP
* Multi-purpose machine with excellent gold
prospecting capabilities
* Ground balances all the way to salt
* 11" DD eliptical waterproof searchcoil for deep
* Unmatched target separation in iron trash
* Finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly
mineralized soils
* V-Break; Industry's First Variable Breakpoing
tone discrimination system
* Computerized Ground Grab
* Real-Time computerized ground balancing
* V.C.O. Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
* Independent control over Threshold & Gain
* Continuous Ground Condition Readouts
* Ground Phase value indicates type of
* Static Pinpoint with depth indicator
* Dual Headphone Jacks
* 19kHz Operating Frequency
* Ultra Simple User Interface
* Ultra-Lightweight (2.5 lb)
fisher gold bug dp
Fisher Gold Bug DP
Gold Bug DP is Recommended for
Gold Nugget / Prospecting
Relic Hunting
Coin Shooting
coin pinpointer
Gold Bug DP Metal Detector
fisher metal detector Inland Empire

Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal Detector

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