turbo pan
Turbo Pan 16"
ON SALE: $16.95
Item #: J-5790
Reg Price: $21.95
keeene 3 stage gold pan
keene gold pan - blue
Keene 3 Stage Gold Pans
Pan three times as fast as a
conventional gold pan.
Item #: K-SP14   
14" Pan  $9.50
Keene Blue Gold Pans
K-GPB14:    14" Pan $8.95
small black gold pan
1849 Gold Pan
11 Inch black plastic gold pan
with deep riffles, a big bottom
and deep drop from the bottom.
11" Black Gold Pan
J-5066: $6.95
hex gold pan
Hex Gold Pan
The hex shape allows for 2 sets of deep primary riffles to form an efficient gold
trapping trough. There are also 2 sets of 16 secondary riffles for basic clean
up and 2 sides with a textured surface for final clean up. The hex pan is 15
inches across, three inches deep.
Item #:  J-5086 $18.95
LeTrap gold pan
Le Trap Gold Pan
The molded plastic Le Trap gold
panning pan presents a unique design
with a rectangular shape about 18
inches by 12 inches. The LeTrap pan
also has a series of riffles along three
sides that give the prospector a larger
gold-catching surface area allowing
quicker down panning of materials.
J-5084 $16.95
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