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turbo pan
Turbo Pan 16"
ON SALE: $16.95
Item #: J-5790
Reg Price: $21.95
small pink gold pan
GPAA 11" Pink
Gold Pan
Item #:  Pink-11 $7.95
gpaa 14
GPAA 14" Gold Pan
Pink & Green
Item #: Pink  $9.50
keeene 3 stage gold pan
keene gold pan - blue
Keene 3 Stage Gold Pans
Pan three times as fast as a
conventional gold pan.
Item #: K-SP12   12" Pan   $8.95
Item #: K-SP14   14" Pan  $9.50
Keene Blue Gold Pans
K-GPB10:   10" Pan $6.95
K-GPB12:    12" Pan $7.95
K-GPB14:    14" Pan $8.95
K-GPB16:   16" Pan $9.95
garrett gold pan
Gravity Trap Gold Pan
A popular gold pan. This ABS green plastic
gold pan features a “gravity trap riffle” design
Item # J-G1650100:   10 1/2" Pan $9.95
Item #: J-G1650000:  14" Pan $10.95
small black gold pan
1849 Gold Pan
11 Inch black plastic gold pan
with deep riffles, a big bottom
and deep drop from the bottom.
11" Black Gold Pan
J-5066: $6.95
super sluice gold pan - garrett
Garrett Super Sluice Gold Pan
The Garret Super Sluice 15 inch gold pan is a
heavyweight gold pan.It is very deep and has
two huge riffles and a big flat bottom. The
super sluice gold pan works great for wet or
dry panning with its two extra deep riffles.
Item #: J-G1650400  $9.95
Trinity Gold Pan
very complex double sluice design with an
effective recessed riffle trap and a raised
bottom. The Trinity Bowl gold pan is 14
inches in diameter and made of durable
green or blue plastic. Works very well in
separating fine gold from black sand.
Item #:  J-5079 $17.95
trinity gold pan
hex gold pan
Hex Gold Pan
The hex shape allows for 2 sets of deep
primary riffles to form an efficient gold
trapping trough. There are also 2 sets
of 16 secondary riffles for basic clean
up and 2 sides with a textured surface
for final clean up. The hex pan is 15
inches across, three inches deep.
Item #:  J-5086 $18.95
gold grabber gold pan
LeTrap gold pan
Le Trap Gold Pan
The molded plastic Le Trap gold
panning pan presents a unique design
with a rectangular shape about 18
inches by 12 inches. The LeTrap pan
also has a series of riffles along three
sides that give the prospector a larger
gold-catching surface area allowing
quicker down panning of materials.
J-5084 $16.95
Gold Grabber Gold Pan
The Gold Grabber is a plastic
gold pan  with deep riffles. It
can be panned in 5 gallon
bucket. The gold grabber
gold pan is 17" long, 14" wide
and 4" deep.
J-5781 $15.95
garrett deluxe gold panning kit
garrett gold panning kit
Garrett Deluxe Gold Panning Kit
* 14 & 10 1/2  inch Gravity Trap Pans
* 1/2" Plastic Classifier
* Gold Guzzler Snuffer Bottle
* Fine Tipped Tweezers with Attached Magnifier
* 2 Plastic Vials
* Gold Panning Techniques Book
* Garret "Gold Panning is Easy" Book & Video
Item #:   J-G-1651400: $49.95
Garrett Gold Panning Kit
* 14" Gravity Trap Pan
* 10" Gravity Trap Pan
* 1/2" Plastic Classifier
* Gold Guzzler Snuffer Bottle
* Gold Panning Techniques Book
* Fine Tipped Tweezers with Attached Magnifier
* 2 Plastic Vials
Item #:    J-G1651300: $29.95
mortar pestle
Cast Iron Mortar & Pestle
Grind and grind some more with this large cast iron mortar and
pestle. Sometimes the tried and true old fashioned tools will only do
the job.   Measures 5" tall.  Weighs 5 lbs
Item #:  K-A53   $39.99

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Banjo Pan - Gold Cube Pan
The Banjo Pan is the newest addition
manufactured by Gold Cube.  Using the Gold
Cube principles (degrees of separation) they've
come up with a pan that can be used wet, dry
and even underwater!  Available in Green, Blue
or Pink.  
Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 6 in
Item #: GC-BANJO   $29.95
Turbo Pan 10"
Item #: J-5791  $11.95
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