* Mining equipment, Durango, Colorado
* Prospecting supplies, Durango, CO
* Panning tools, Grand Junction
* Relic hunting, GPAA Club
* Gold panning products, Grand Junction, Colorado
* Western Slope GPAA
* Gem mining gear, Olathe, Colorado
* The Foothills Prospectors
* Gold mining items, Golden, CO
* Nutmeg Prospectors
* Gold prospecting supplies, Danielson, CT
* Treasure hunting tools, Starke, Florida
* GPAA Treasure Hunting Club, Starke, Florida
* Metal Detecting, Florida Beaches
* Alford, Metal Detecting GPAA Club
* Alford, Florida, Treasure Seeking
* Metal detectors, Lake Butler, Florida
* GPAA Clubs, Southern California
* Metal detectors for sale, Lake Butler, FL
* Florida, Treasure Hunting
* Metal detecting Clubs
* Whites metal detectors, Orlando, FL
* Gold panning adventures
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* Gem hunting
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* Nugget hunting
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* Gemstone hunting adventures
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* Rockhound
* Rockhound trips
* Rockhound outings
* Portland, GPAA Chapter
* Keene A52 sluice, Portland, OR
* GPAA Mining Club, Allegheny River
* Keene gold sluice, Greenville, PA
* Treasure Seeking products
* Bald Eagle, Gold Mining Club
* Wet sluice for sale, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
* Metal Detecting Treasures, Delaware Valley
* Gem Mining Club, Colorado
* Fisher metal detectors, St. Peters, PA
* Garrett Metal Detectors for treasure
* Mason Mining Prospecting Clubs
* Keene dredges, New Oxford, Pennsylvania
* Oconee, Gold Prospectors GPAA Club
* Keene stream sluice, Seneca, South Carolina
* Simpsonville, Gem Mining Clubs
* Gold Prospecting Tools, Simpsonville, SC
* RAPID CITY, GPAA Prospecting Club
* Gold hunting products, Rapid City, South Dakota
* Treasure hunting areas, Florida
* Coker Creek, GPAA Mining Club
* Gold prospecting supplies, Cocker Creek, TN
* Metal Detecting Treasures, South Carolina
* El Paso, Prospecting Club
* Gold mining supplies, El Paso, Texas
* North Central Texas, Treasure Hunting Club
* Whites metal detectors, Granbury, Texas
* Hemet Valley Prospectors
* Areas to Prospect, Georgia
* Rockhound tours
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* Treasure Seekers of San Diego County
* San Fernando Valley, GPAA Club
* Keene mining equipment, Chatsworth, CA
* Temecula Valley, GPAA Gold Mining Club
* Whites metal detectors for sale, Temecula, California
* San Jose, California, GPAA Club
* Keene gold sluice for sale, San Jose, CA
* The East Bay Prospectors Gold Club
* Wet sluice box for sale, Concord, CA
* Treasure Seekers of San Diego
* Metal Detecting Clubs, San Diego County
* Gold prospecting supplies for sale, Escondido, CA
* Treasure Seeking Clubs, California
* Stockton, GPAA Chapter Club
* Stockton, GPAA Gold Prospecting Chapter Club
* Gold mining dredges for sale, Rifle, Colorado
* Westminster, GPAA gold mining club
* Gold prospecting dredges for sale, Westminster, Colorado
* Gunnison, Colorado, GPAA Club
* Gold hunting dredges for sale, Gunnison, CO
* Denver, Colorado, GPAA Club
* Gem hunting supplies for sale, Denver, CO
* Colorado Springs, GPAA Gold Prospecting
* Keene Dredges for gold, Colorado Springs, CO
* Keene 140 dry washer for sale, Bluewater, New Mexico
* Rockhounding equipment for sale
* Rockhounding tools for sale
* Las Vegas, GPAA Club
* Dry washers for gold, Las Vegas, NV
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* Gold sluicing adventures
* Rock hunting outings
* Gemstone hunting vacations
* Gold panning vacations
* Gold drywashing vacations
* Gold drywashing excursions
* Gemstone collecting excursions
Your Membership Will Include......
The Mining Guide:
Prospecting locations throughout the U.S. for gold panning,
sluicing, dredging, high banking, metal detecting, gem hunting, treasure hunting,
or just a place to get out with the family and enjoy the great outdoors. Available
only to members, this book contains information on locations in counties and
regions all over the country, and is yours when you sign up. The Mining Guide
also includes valuable prospecting history, locations of former mines, and much

How to Use the GPAA Mining Guide DVD: This DVD shows you how to find
GPAA claims all across the U.S.  using the official GPAA Mining Guide. This handy
video shows you how to use a GPS how to identify TOPO coordinates, how to use
map reading software, and much more.

GPAA Magazine:  A bi-monthly national publication full of "How To" articles, real
life adventure stories, equipment studies and entertainment. For over 35 years
the Gold Prospector magazine has continued to provide the most up to date
information on everything gold prospecting. You get one full year subscription to
the Gold Prospector Magazine.

Pick & Shovel Gazete: The absolute best way to keep up with new GPAA Claims
and more. This is sent out to GPAA members as needed to update members on
claim information. The GPAA will send out these Gazettes with multiple maps, GPS
coordinates of the claims, and news to keep you informed.

Additionally, your membership will come with:
*14" Gold Pan   *Snuffer Bottle   *Sure Fire Panning Techniques DVD   
*GPAA Bumper Sticker   *GPAA Patch     *GPAA Cap         *GPAA Window Decal
gpaa gold prospectors association of america

GPAA ~ Gold Prospectors Association of America

* Hunting Treasures, South Carolina
* Mining tools, Post Falls, ID
* Gold panning gear, Nampa Idaho
* GPAA Club
* Treasure hunting equipment, Nampa, ID
* Augusta, GPAA
* Prospecting tools for sale, Augusta, Georgia
* North-West Prospectors
* Stream sluice for sale, Parma, Idaho
* River sluice for sale, Idaho Falls
* Treasure Club, Idaho Falls, Idaho
* Snake River GPAA Mining Club
* Gold hunting items, Twin Falls, Idaho
* Northern Indiana, Gem Mining Club
* Gold seeking equipment, Cutler, Indiana
* Fairland Gold Mining Prospecting
* Gold pans for sale, Fairland, Indiana
* GPAA Club, Gatesville, IN
* Gold panning tools for sale, Gatesville, Indiana
* Mining supplies, Jacksonville, IL
* Metal detector shop, Jacksonville, Illinois
* Fisher metal detectors, Malcom, IA
* GPAA Club, Malcom, Iowa
* Minelab metal detectors, Wichita, Kansas,
* GPAA Club, Wichita, KS
* London, Kentucky, GPAA Club
* Garrett metal detectors, London, KY
* Central Louisiana, Treasure Hunting Club
* Gold panning
* Gold panning trips
* Gold panning outings
* Gold panning tours
* Nugget hunting vacations
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* Gemstone
* Gemstone hunting trips
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* Gold seeking vacations
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* Metal detecting tours
* Panning
* Panning trips
* Gold panning products, Salisbury, NC
* New Jersey, Treasure Seekers
* Treasure Hunting Club, Clark, New Jersey
* Reno, Nevada, GPAA Club
* Desert gold prospecting gear
* Fisher Gold Bug 2, Reno, NV
* Sparks, Nevada, GPAA Mining Club
* Gold mining in the, Arizona, desert
* Metal detectors for gold, Sparks, NV
* Alamogordo, GPAA Gold Prospecting Club
* Garrett gold pans, Alamogordo, New Mexico
* Prospecting in the, California, Desert
* Keene dry washers, Deming, New Mexico
* Bluewater, Gold Panning Club
* Cortland, New York, GPAA Club
* Where can you find gold, New Mexico
* Drysluice for sale, Show Low, AZ
* Gold Buddy dry washers, Tucson, Arizona
* Gold Buddy drywashers for sale, Hesperia, CA
* Treasure hunting club, Ada GPAA Club
* Prospecting items for sale, Ada, OK
* Gem clubs, Oklahoma
* Oklahoma City, GPAA Club
* Gold panning products for sale, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
* Gold dredges for sale, Roseburg, Oregon
* Eugene, Oregon GPAA Prospecting Club
* Where can I find gold in, Oregon
* Keene sluice, Eugene, OR
* GPAA Club, Klamath Falls
* Temecula Valley Prospectors
* GPAA Mining Club, Brownsville, OR
* Gold searching equipment for sale, Brownsville, Oregon
* North Bend, Gold Prospecting club
* Garrett gold panning kits, North Bend, Oregon
* Panning outings
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* Drywashing
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* Hudson, Metal Detecting Club
* Metal detectors, Hudson, MA
* Central Maine, Metal Detecting Treasures
* Gold pans for sale, Fairfield, ME
* Hemet, GPAA Club
* Gold mining products, Nitro, West Virginia
* Prospecting items, Chico, CA
* Mohave Prospectors
* Central MN, Gold Prospectors
* Falcon MD20, Sauk Centre, MN
* Meteorite Hunting
* Remus, Gold Mining Gem Prospecting club
* Gem mining gear, Remus, MI
* Kasson, Gem Prospecting supplies
* Sluicing gear for sale, Kasson, MN
* St. Joseph, Gold Prospecting Club
* Gold hunting products, St. Joseph, MO
* Nugget Detecting equipment
* St. Louis Missouri, GPAA Club
* Whites metal detectors, St. Louis, MO
* Show Me Gold Prospectors
* Garrett AT Pro, Wellington, Missouri
* Hunting Treasures
* Rockhounding vacations
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* Gems
* Gem trips
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* Nugget seeking vacations
* North-East Texas, GPAA Club
* Prospecting tools for sale, Greenville, TX
* Metal Detecting Gold equipment
* Omaha, Texas, GPAA Prospecting Club
* Fisher Gold Bug, Omaha, TX
* Round Rock, GPAA Club
* Whites GMT metal detector, Round Rock, Texas
* Nugget Shooting metal detectors
* Gold Prospecting Clubs, North Carolina
* Gold panning machines, Wichita Falls, Texas
* Salt Lake City, Gold Mining Club
* Keene gold dredges for sale, Salt Lake City, Utah
* Southern UT, Prospectors GPAA Club
* Minelab metal detectors, Cedar City, Utah
* Gold Mining in the Nevada, Desert
* Louisa, Gold Prospecting Club
* Treasure Seekers of San Diego
* Longview, Washington GPAA Club
* Gold sluice box for sale, Longview, WA
* Keene 151 dry washers, Phoenix, Arizona
* Prospecting in the desert, Kingman, AZ
* Keene dry washer for gold, Parker, Arizona
* GPAA Chapter Clubs, Southern California
* Gold panning supplies for sale, Parker, AZ
* Gold panning spiral wheels, Powell, Wyoming
* N. E. Wyoming, GPAA Mining Club
* Gold Magic panning machine, Gillette, WY
* Treasure seeking equipment for sale
* GPAA Prospecting Club, Sheridan
* Keene river sluice for sale, Sheridan, WY
* Metal Detect for Treasures, Alabama
* Relic hunting GPAA Club, Cheyenne
* Gold mining equipment for sale, Cheyenne, WY
* West Enfield, Maine, GPAA Club
* Gold Cube for sale, West Enfield, ME
* Glen Burnie, Maryland, GPAA Club
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* GPAA Club, Port Orchard, Washington
* Where to find gold, Oregon
* Port Orchard, WA, Gold hunting tools for sale
* Gold Cube for sale, Renton, WA
* GPAA Club, How to find treasures
* Gold Cube concentrator for sale, Renton, Washington
* GPAA Club, Vancouver, WA
* How can I find old coins metal detecting
* Gold Miner spiral panning machine, Vancouver,
* Auburn, Washington, GPAA Club
* Treasure hunting shop, Florida
* Sluice boxes for sale, Auburn, WA
* GPAA Gold Club, Western Washington
* Gold panning products, Puget Sound, Washington
* Prospecting gold with a Metal Detector
* Spokane, WA, GPAA Mining Club
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* Lewistown Montana, GPAA Club
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* Hunting for Meteorites
* Mining equipment for sale, Hemet
* Blackfoot River, GPAA Mining Club
* River sluice box, Lincoln, Montana
* Learn to prospect for gold
* GPAA Club, Headwaters Chapter
* Gold seeking tools, Belgrade, Mt
* Gold Prospectors, GPAA Club Victor, MT
* Gold searching supplies, Victor, Montana
* Treasure Hunters equipment
* South Central, GPAA Prospecting Club
* Gold dredging equipment, Billings, MT
* Carolina Slate Belt GPAA Club
* Gold dredges for sale, Aberdeen, North Carolina
* Matthews, Gem Mining GPAA Club
* Stream gold sluice box, Matthews, North Carolina
* Metal Detecting Treasures
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* Piedmont, Gold Mining Club
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* Panning for gold equipment
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* Keene A52 stream sluice, Everett, Washington
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* North Alabama, GPAA Chapter
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* Golden Valley, Prospectors Club
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* GPAA Prospecting Club, Greenbush
* Le Trap sluice, Greenbush, WI
* Meteorite Hunting metal detectors
* GPAA Club, Wausau Prospectors
* Whites MXT metal detector, Wausau, WI
* Northwoods Prospectors, GPAA Club
* Whites MXT Pro, Weyerhaeuser, WI
* Metal Detecting products for sale
* GPAA Mining Club, Tomah
* Mining equipment, Tomah, WI
* GPAA Prospecting Club, Casper, WI
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