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Recirculating hibanker 12volt
Gold Buddy 12 Volt Recirculating Mini Hibanker
Item #: J-5690  $349.00
The top classifier box has a classifying section that allows larger
stones to drop off the end in a waste pile while the smaller,
heavier material is washed into the lower sluice where the gold is
trapped in the riffles and carpet. Powered by a 12 volt 750 gph 4"
deep. The sluice is 7 "x 24 inches. The total weight is 21 lbs.
Comes complete with everything you need except the optional
plastic tub, if you want to set it up to recirculate, plastic tailings
bucket, and 12 volt battery.
Please Note: plastic tub and tailing bucket not included.
Gold Buddy 12volt high banker
Gold Buddy V1250 Hibanker
Item #: J-5691  $399.00

Like the original Gold Buddy this is a self contained unit with many
uses: Prospecting, Sampling, Concentrate Cleanup. This is a
original Gold Buddy, but is designed like the original with a two
stage classifier sluice. The upper stage, which contains the
classifier screen, is 21 inches long and 8 inches wide. The lower
level sluice is 24 inches long, 8 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches tall.
It is attached to a sluice stand which has four adjustable legs to
conform to any terrain. The unit can be set up to recirculate its
own water or in a lake or stream as, a traditional power sluice. It is
powered by a 12 volt 1250 gph electric pump which draws only
2.6 amps. The total weight of the V1250 Hibanker is only 14 lbs.
Gold Buddy Hopper Box
Power Sluice Header Box
Power Sluice Header Box
All precision laser cut aluminum construction. Works on the JOBE 45 Yellow
Jacket, the Keene A52, or any 10 inch wide sluice. The mounting holes are
precut to bolt onto the JOBE sluice and the JOBE sluice stand. Mounting to
the Keene A52 requires two 1/4" holes to be drilled on the sides of the
header box.
Item #: J-6505   SALE PRICE: $64.95
Regular Price: $74.95
Gold Buddy Hopper Box
Use this quality precision laser cut to convert your stream The top of the
hopper is 18 inches x 18 inches with spray bars. The water inlet is
equipped Use this quality precision laser with a 1 1/2 inch slip fitting which
cut aluminum Hibanker / Dredge can be removed to use 1 1/2 Hopper to
convert your stream inch pipe fittings. The water supply can be adjusted
with a supply can be adjusted with a valve which is included. Comes ready
to go as a hibanker and can be rigged to use as 1 1/2 inch to a 2 1/2
dredge hopper. Works on the JOBE 45 Yellow Jacket, the Keene A52, or
any 10 inch wide sluice. Mounting to the Keene A52 requires two 1/4"
Total weight is just 14 pounds. The removable classifier screen is
removable classifier screen is precision laser cut from a single piece of
heavy gauge aluminum.
Item #: J-6508   Sale Price: $237.95
Regular Price: $279.95
Gold Buddy Hibanker - gold mining high banker
The GOLD BUDDY Hibankers
are designed around the GOLD
BUDDY 10 inch Magnum
Equipment Sluice with it's 4
adjustable leg stand.

The GOLD BUDDY Hibanker
Hopper is attached to the sluice
using the G
old Buddy Header
Adapter making the entire sluice
about 4 feet long
including the
adapter and hopper.

The Gold Buddy Magnum sluice
itself has about a 30" long riffle
tray with 8 riffles.  
The sluice dimensions are:
Length: 36" inches
Length with adapter & hopper:
approx 4 feet
Width: 10 inches
Depth: 4 inches
The sluice is equipment with
miners moss (no carpet) and
ribbed matting below the miners

J-7820: Powered by a JOBE
2.5  HP, gas powered water
J-7821: Powered by a 5.5 HP
water pump
J-7822: Powered by a 2.5 HP
Honda with a JOBE powered
water pump.
Item #: J-7820
SALE PRICE: $755.95
Regular Price: $839.95

JOBE 2.5 HP gas powered
water pump

Download parts list 7820
Gold Buddy Gold Prospecting highbanker
Item #: J-7821
SALE PRICE: $809.95
Regular Price: $899.95

5.5 HP All-Power Water Pump

Download parts list 7821
Gold Buddy Hibanker gold prospecting
Item #: J-7822
.5 HP Honda w/JOBE
powered water
SALE PRICE: $1,079.95
Regular Price: $1,199.95

Download parts list 7822

Gold Buddy Hibankers

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Power Converter
These power supply converters will eliminate the need for batteries to power equipment (such as the
above listed mini hibankers or other gold mining equipment such as the blue bowl, gold wheels, Gold
Cube, super concentrator, etc) when working at home. Simply plug the unit into a 120 volt household
outlet, connect the power clips from your pump/equipment to the connectors and you’re ready to go.
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