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Keene HBCK2 (2 Inch) or
HBCK25  (2 1/2 inch)
Combination Power Sluice - Dredge Kit
Package includes:
1. A52 Hand Sluice
2. HBCKH Hopper 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch suction
3. HBCKF Frame
4. STE Sluice trough extension
5. HBCKE Engine, pump, intake assembly
and  pressure hose
6. 17’ x 1 1/4” pressure hose coupled
7. A52DR Dredging Riffle
8. HBCS Classify Screen
9. HCCK2-2inch or HBCK25- 21/2 inch
Dredge Conversion Kit with 15 feet of 2 or
2/12 inch suction hose Incl. suction nozzle
and bracket
Item #: K-HBCK2   (2 Inch)
SALE PRICE: $1,453.50
(Regular Price: $1,615.00)

Item #: K-HBCK25   (2 1/2 Inch)
ON SALE: $1,466.99
(Regular Price: $1,629.95)
Keene 3.5 HP Power Sluice Concentrator
This Concentrator is powered by a 3.5 horsepower Briggs &
Stratton Engine and P103 pump. Equipped with 25 feet of 1.25
inch pressure hose, FVA20 Foot Valve and hose assembly.
Item #: K-173
Regular Price: $1,750.00
Keene 17720 Power SluiceCombination Dredge
Keene Commercial Power Sluice
This high production power sluice has been designed and tested for the beaches of Nome Alaska where ultra
fine gold recovery and larger capacities are required. Designed to accommodate additional connecting sluices
for prolonged run time and greater capacity.

The Keene High Production Power Sluice is 20 inches wide and 8 feet long.  
Includes 50 feet of 2 inch pressure hose and couplings.
Item #: K-17720       Regular Price: $2,825.00

Keene Power Sluice Dredge Kits

For ordering, please call 951-676-2555
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Metal Detecting Store Temecula
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Gold Prospecting Equipment for sale
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Pay pal gold mining drywasher
Keene HBCK2 PowerSluice Dredge Combo
Keene 173 Power Sluice Concentrator
Keene 173h Power Sluice Honda
Keene 4 HP Honda Power Sluice
This Concentrator is powered by a 4 horsepower Honda Engine
and P103 pump. Equipped with 25 feet of 1.25 inch pressure
hose, FVA20 Foot Valve and hose assembly.
Item #: K-173H
Regular Price: $1,850.00
Keene Power Sluice Dredge Combo
Keene's model 177203 (sluice as pictured above) is equipmed with a 3inch suction nozzle and 20 feet of 3
inch suction hose.  The combination makes it possible to vacuum material directly into a collection hopper
where the material is washed, separated and classified.  
Item #: K-177203      Regular Price: $3,195.00
-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -
Keene Commercial Power Sluice & Dredge Combo Option
For ordering, please call 951-676-2555 - Major credit cards & PayPal accepted
-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -
The Power Sluice Concentrator
Keene has combined the popular power sluice and portable dredge to create an entirely efficient recovery
system that can be used in most any situation. This versatile machine can be equipped with a 2 1/2 or 3 inch
suction hose for dredging. The sluice box works extremely well for dredging because the material is
pre-classified before entering the sluice box. Combination units are ideally suited for shallow water areas with
the power sluice being so simple to set up and requiring less water then a standard dredge to operate. These
combination Models can be equipped with an air compressor for diving.
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Gold Prospecting Equipment
For ordering, please call 951-676-2555 - Major credit cards & PayPal accepted

We will be closing our store at the end of this year (2016).  We are having an
inventory closeout sale on this and all of our items.  These prices are at their lowest
ever and are priced to sell!  Once our current inventory is gone - they are gone, first
come - first serve.