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fine gold sluice
Le Trap Sluice Box fine gold recovery
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letrap sluice box
le trap sluice stand
fine gold - letrap sluice
The Le Trap sluice box is
made of light weight
wear-resistant The "
plastic. 16 inches wide
and 48 inches long but
weighs only 4 pounds.
The riffles are designed
with a two-step ramp
which allows the sluice to
recover fine gold without
vibrating or the use of a
carpet liner.
This zinc plated steel sluice stand is 18 inches wide,
36 inches long and designed to hold the Le Trap
sluice firmly in place. It provide a sturdy platform to
use the sluice as a hibanker, power sluice, or dredge.
The 1/2 inch square tubular legs are terrain. The legs
are 18 inches long. Disassembled it takes up very little
space and weighs only 7 pounds.
Item #: J-5106
ON SALE $75.95
Reg Price: $89.95
Le Trap
Collapsible Sluice Stand
Item #: J-5114
ON SALE: $73.95
Reg Price:  $89.95
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Le Trap "River Robber" Sluice

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